Mimosa Hills Preservation Donors Club
Mission Statement

Mimosa Hills is a golf course steeped in tradition and a true jewel
to not only its members, but to the City of Morganton, Burke County
and to all who truly love the game of golf.
The Mimosa Hills Preservation Donors Club was established to
help provide financial support for improvements to the golf course
to preserve it for future generations in the condition originally conceived
by the founding members of Mimosa Hills and its architect, Donald Ross.


Through the years members of Mimosa Hills Golf Club have given generously to multiple projects to meet the growing needs of the golf course. Projects such as upgrading the practice facility, creating the fantastic new bar/grill area, upgrading locker areas, etc. 

In February 2016 a group of committed Mimosa Hills members conceived of an exciting new opportunity that would establish a fund dedicated to golf course improvements. Those who love and recognize the value of Mimosa Hills will pledge to make contributions to the fund with a goal of raising at least $25,000 each year.  All money collected will be kept in a separate account from the operating funds of the club.  Each year the MHPDC committee will present to the board of governors identified projects needed on the course. 

2019 Donation Form 


Two projects were chosen for the inaugural year of the MHPDC. Click on the link to read about these projects.

1) Leyland Cyprus Removal and Replacement

2) Improvements to Hole #12

Click Here for Photos of Work in Progress


The Greens Committee and the Board have identified the reworking of our 65 bunkers as the major project for this year. Also identified were two secondary projects of sodding or reseeding various areas on the course where hardpan infringes on play. Click on the links below to read more.

1) Bunker Sand Project 
 Click Here for Photos of Work in Progress

2) Hole #11 & Hole #14


Due to a tournament scheduling conflict, the approved project for 2018 has been replaced with erosion control and playability beginning with Hole 3, 7 and 15 as money becomes available.